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Botanical Pesticide Registration in China


Botanical pesticide refers to pesticides whose active ingredients are directly derived from plants.

Registered Botanical Pesticides in China

More than 27 active ingredients of botanical pesticides were registered, with more than 300 registered products, involving more than 124 production enterprises. The top three registered products are matrine, rotenone and azadirachtin, accounting for 84% of the total. The top five varieties of botanical pesticides in yield were matrine, camphor, rotenone, spironolactone and triptolide, accounting for about 80% of the output of botanical pesticides.

Data Requirements

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of botanical pesticide:

  • Class 1 botanical pesticide: the plants used have been widely used for a long time.
  • Class 2 botanical pesticide: the plants used are not widely used.

The Two type of botanical pesticides have different data requirements.


Product Chemistry data, toxicity data, e-fate and eco-tox data are required for botanical pesticide.


Product chemistry data, toxicity data are similar to conventional pesticide.


Can be done in China within one year.

Eco-tox data

8 species tests are required.


Some active ingredient residue data can be waived.


Evaluation process please refer to the pesticide registration webpage. For botanical pesticides, the applicant submitted a written application for accelerating registration approval, and the ICAMA of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shall report to the office of the national pesticide registration and evaluation committee for approval if the products met the "green channel" requirements. For those meet the requirements of "green channel" products, priority shall be given to technical review, and the technical review process shall be accelerated.


  • There is no me-too registration for botanical pesticide technical material (technical concentration), so the applicant has 6-year protection period for botanical pesticide technical material (technical concentration) registration and it is not allowed to authorize data to other manufacturers.
  • In principle, the registration of mixed products of chemical pesticides and botanical pesticides is not approved.

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