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China MIIT has Released Several Industry Standards for Public Notification

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15 Apr. 2022, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has released several industry standards for public notification.

The industry standards for the chemical industry has made stipulations on product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, markings, packaging, transportation, and the storage of light stabilizers, rubbers, resins, raw materials, and other products.

According to the standard revision scheme, MIIT has completed the following works:

  1. The formulation and revision of 61 standards for chemical industry, such as Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Films for Polarizer;
  2. The formulation and revision of 11 standards for petrochemical industry, such as Colorimeter for Chromatic Aberration Determination on Raw Synthetic Rubber;
  3. The formulation and revision of 20 standards for metallurgical industry, such as Hot-rolled Section Steel Used for Forklift Beam;
  4. The formulation and revision of 35 standards for nonferrous metals industry, such as Nickel High Purity;
  5. The formulation and revision of 56 standards construction material industry, such as High Purity Foamed Aluminum Ceramics Insulation;
  6. The formulation and revision of 73 standards for machinery industry, such as Boom Bucket Wheel Reclaimer;
  7. The formulation and revision of 59 standards for light industry, such as Water-borne/Non-solvent Polyurethane;
  8. The compilation of 28 standards (in foreign language), such as Technical Specification for Copper-bearing Wastewater Treatment and Recycling;

The above industry standards are subject to public notification before 14 May 2022.

Further information on the draft standards reported for approval can be found at Standardcn (

Public Notification Period: April 15, 2022- May 14, 2022

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Further Information

MIIT Notice on the Release of Industry Standards for Public Notification

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