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Announcing the Launch of ChinaFoodDB – The Free Platform for Searching China Food and Health Food Ingredients!

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China offers a wide range of food categories in addition to complex food regulations and standards. It is crucial to precisely determine whether the raw materials and additives used in a food product comply with Chinese regulatory standards before it is imported or launched on the market. How do you verify the compliance of food raw materials? What is the scope of use and amount of food additives permitted? Typically, these types of queries call for food enterprises to carry out multiple inquiries and research.

CIRS Group has launched " ChinaFoodDB " – a one-stop digital platform to search for food raw materials and food additives. It is based on the expertise of our professional team and more than ten years of extensive experience in the field of food and raw materials compliance services. The platform aims to help food enterprises validate the basis of product compliance, boost efficiency, and speed up product R&D and market entry.

Main Functions and Features

1. China Food Raw Materials/ Additives Database Search Function

  • 16 Directories
    • GB 2760-2014 The Usage of Food Additives (including announcements);
    • GB 14880-2012 The Usage of Food Nutrition Enhancers (including announcements);
    • List of Common Food Raw Materials;
    • Approval List of New Food Raw Materials (Novel Food);
    • List of New Raw Materials for Termination of Review;
    • List of Substances Traditionally Considered as Both Food and Chinese Medicine (Appendix 1, MOH Announcement of No.51, 2002);
    • List of Strains Available in Food;
    • List of Strains Available in Infants and Young Children Food;
    • List of Strains Available in Health Food;
    • Health Food Raw Materials Directory;
    • Available Excipients for Health Food Filing (2021 Version);
    • List of Substances Allowed in Functional Health Food (Appendix 2, MOH Announcement of No.51, 2002);
    • Announcements on Registration Health Food Raw Materials;
    • List of Substances Currently Soliciting Public Opinions;
    • Inventory of Prohibited/Restricted Food Substances; and
    • List of Application Acceptance for New Food Materials and New Food Additives.
  • Quickly retrieve information on the four commonly used classification categories – find what you need in just one click.

You can quickly and easily search via the four frequently used classification categories, namely: Food Additives; Common Food; Registration Health Food; and Filing Health Food.

  • Statistics on 1000+ common food raw materials

In China, there is no official positive list of raw materials allowed in common food. This database offers statistics on thousands of common food raw materials to help enterprises quickly grasp the basis for use.

  • Search for the dosage limit of nutrients in special dietary foods

GB 14880 only contains information on the compound sources of nutrients in special dietary foods, but not the limit requirements. ChinaFoodDB offers a collection of special dietary food standards (including GB 10765; GB 10766; GB 10767; GB 25596; and GB 29922.), and the dosage limit can be found in just one click.


  • Search for customary names of materials used in the food industry including human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).

  • Statistics screening and sharing

2. Access to a wide variety of food-related websites, allowing you to explore them effortlessly.

ChinaFoodDB provides access to a wide range of food-related websites, including standards and product data searches, official websites of Chinese and foreign government agencies, and special food and new product registration and application systems, saving you the time and effort of searching for them.

3. Join the professional online courses provided by CIRS, and browse through industry news and insights.

Click to explore ChinaFoodDB:

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