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Taiwan to Adjust the Charges for Chemical Substances Registration

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On 17 Sep. 2020, Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency has released a draft amendment on charges of toxic substances and substances of concern.

What are the changes to the charges of new and existing substances registration in Taiwan? Details are as follows:

  • Charges for change of new and existing substances registration documents is deleted;
  • The prior verification application for polymers of low concern will charge 1000NTD;
  • 2000 NTD will be charged to extend the valid period of the new substance registration approval;
  • Discounts will be given to enterprises that reduce the use of animal testing and apply for existing substance registration as early as possible.
  • Charges for extension of information confidentiality period will be reduced to 10000NTD per item;

Charges for Phase I existing substances registration, new and existing substance standard registration, simplified registration and small quantity registration of new substances still remain the same.

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