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The European Union Added 39 Entries into the Annex VI to the CLP Regulation

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The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) has adopted opinions and amendments to Annex VI to the CLP regulation, with 39 new entries added, 17 entries amended and 1 entry deleted. This amended Regulation shall enter into force on May 3, 2022, and will be implemented from November 23, 2023.

These 39 entries include:

  • Melamine: Carc. 2 and STOT RE 2;
  • Benzophenone: Carc. 1B;
  • Tellurium dioxide: Repr. 1B;
  • Theophylline: Repr. 1B

The 17 amended entries include cumene, trichlorosilane, vanadium (V) oxide and 2-Butoxyethanol, etc., and the entry corresponding to index number 615-007-00-X is deleted.

Annex VI to the CLP Regulations contains the list of harmonized classification and labelling for certain hazardous substances. Iy is mandatory for enterprise to apply harmonized classification and labeling for these hazardous substances. Once the amendments take effect, related enterprises shall prepare SDSs and labels based on the new classifications.

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