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China Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for FCM


According to the National Food Safety Standard - GB 4806.1-2016 General Safety Requirements of Food Contact Materials and Articles issued in 2017, a China Declaration of Compliance (DoC) is a mandatory document of the product information of food contact materials (FCM). Foreign companies shall submit the DoC document to the General Administration of Customs P. R. China (GACC) when exporting FCMs to China.

Who Shall Prepare DoC

  • Manufacturers/distributors/importers of chemical substances such as additives, solvents, auxiliaries, colorants, etc.

  • Manufacturers/distributors/importers of intermediate materials such as base resin, masterbatch, premix, bottle preform, semi-finished film/sheet, etc.

  • Manufacturers/distributors/importers of finished food contact materials and products which could be in contact with food directly

Manufacturers/distributors/importers can issue the China DoC or appoint an organization/consulting firm/law firm to do so.

Our Services

CIRS China fulfils all the qualifications and knowledge to offer all the necessary services in one package to complete the regulatory compliance affairs at the most competitive price in the market.

Our services include:

Compliance Review

  • Evaluation of whether the resins and additives are in the Chinese positive list such as GB 9685

  • Check of the restrictions

Migration Test and GB Test

  • Carry out necessary test such as migration test to confirm the compliance of the product

China DoC issue

  • Bases on the compliance review and test results, issue the China DoC and seal the DoC document

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