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Administrative Measures on Pet Food


According to “Administrative Measures on Pet Food”, the Pet Food only refer to Dog Food and Cat Food. Pet food is one kind of feed, includes three categories (“Pet compound feed”, “Pet additive premixed feed”, and “Other Pet food”).

Pet food category

The definition of each category

Pet compound feed (usually refer to “complete pet food”)

  • Feed formulated by various feed raw materials and feed additives with an appropriate proportion;

  • Can meet pets’ overall nutritional needs when use alone.

Pet feed additive premix

(usually refer to “food supplements”)

  • Meet the needs of pets for nutritional feed additives (e.g. amino acid, vitamin, mineral, enzyme preparation, etc.) ;

  • Feed formulated by nutritional feed additives and carrier/ thinner with an appropriate proportion

Other Pet food (usually refer to “pet snacks”)

  • To achieve the purpose of rewarding pets, interacting with pets, or stimulating pets to chew and bite;

  • Feed formulated by some feed raw materials and feed additives with an appropriate proportion;

Oversea pet food manufacturers export pet compound feed or pet feed additive premix to China for the first time, should entrust its Chinese company/office or entrust a Chinese domestic agent to apply for the Registered License with MARA (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the P.R.C.). Other pet food (pet snacks) is not necessary to do the registration.

To view the full Imported Pet Food compliance procedure, please click HERE .

To view the Food Registration contents, please click HERE .

Registration Process


Requirement of the Pet Food Recipe

Pet food is not allowed to use any substance which is not listed in “Catalogue of feed raw materials” or “Catalogue of feed additives”. When using the feed additives, the requirements of “Catalogue of feed additives” and “Safety use regulations of feed additives” should be abided by.

Requirements of Application Materials

  • “Imported feed and feed additive application form” (template is listed below): should fill out the form in bilingual

  • Power of attorney: the letter of oversea manufacturer entrusting Chinese domestic agent to apply for the Registered License.

  • Certificate of approval of production and use in place of origin

  • Physical and chemical properties of products

  • Source and composition of products

  • Production process

  • Quality standard and the test method

  • Original label, trademark, and Chinese label

  • Using purpose, application scope, and using method

  • Packaging material, net content of each packaging, shelf life, and storage condition

  • Registered license or marketing situation of the product in other countries or regions other than the place of origin

Applicant Form for Registration of Import Feed or Feed Additives (Sample-fish meal)


Trade Name: FISHMEAL(生产地销售使用的商品名称,应与原产地标签一致)


Common Name


Product Classification: Single Feed


Sensory Index: Brown Powder with Fishy Smell


Guaranteed Analysis and Hygienic Index






Usage and Dosage


名称 (生产厂家名称中文译名)


地址 (生产厂家地址中文译名;工船加工的鱼粉,填写工船名称及编号)

Address Produced on Board at Vessel:(生产厂家英文地址)


名称 (一般与生产厂家一致,也可填写总公司名称;工船加工的鱼粉,填写总公司名称)

Name (生产厂家英文名称)

地址 (申请企业地址中文译名)

Address (申请企业英文地址)


Domestic Agent

公司名称 (应与企业法人营业执照或外国企业常驻中国代表机构登记证上名称一致)

通讯地址 ×××,邮编×××

联系人   ×××

联系电话 010-×××(固话) 138×××(手机)

邮箱地址 ×××


Signature of Applicant Company



Signature of Domestic Agent


Requirements on Sample Quality Verification Test

After receiving the notification from MARA, company shall send 3 batches of sample and self-test report (self-test report can be also submitted together when submitting the application to MARA) to the Laboratory designated by MARA, and then the laboratory will conduct the sample quality verification test.

Registration Timeline

Responsible authority

Main responsibility

Required deadline

MARA Government affairs hall

Accept the application, if there is no missing materials



Carry out the technical review on the application materials

Within 20 workdays

Laboratory for feed quality testing designated by MARA

Carry out the sample quality verification test

Within 2 months (but usually 2 months is not enough)


Issue the “Registered License”

Within 10 workdays

Usually, after submitting the application materials, pet food will take about 4 to 6 months to obtain the “Registered License”.

CIRS Services

Compliance Procedure and Service of Imported Pet Food

  • Confirm the pet food category

  • Review if the feed raw material and feed additive used are allowed to use or not, meanwhile, review the use level

  • If anything incorrect, provide the revision suggestions

Label Review Service of Pet Food in China

  • Confirm the pet food category

  • Review the original label and Chinese label, and provide revision suggestions

  • Design Chinese standard label

MARA Imported Pet Food Registration Service

  • As the agent register pet food with MARA

  • Arrange sample clearance and sample test

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