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UC Provision on Pet Food Labeling


Imported pet food shall have a Chinese label sticker on the packaging or directly print the Chinese information on the packaging before being imported to Chinese market. The label of pet food shall comply with “UC Provision on Pet Food Labeling”.

To view the full Imported Pet Food compliance procedure, please click HE RE .

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Mandatory Information for The Label of Imported Pet Food


* Items which are not required for other pet food (pet snacks)

Product Name

The generic name is recognized as the product name of pet food, which shall be indicated on the main display layout of the label. The font, size and color of the generic name shall be consistent, and no part of the name can be highlighted or emphasized.

In addition to the generic name, trade name may also be used. However, it shall be placed after or under the generic name, and its font size shall not be larger than that of general name.

Pet food category

Examples of product name (generic name)

Pet compound feed (usually refer to “complete pet food”)

  • “宠物全价饲料犬粮 (complete pet food dog food )”;

  • “全价幼犬粮 (complete puppy food )”;

  • “全价宠物食品泰迪幼年期犬粮(complete pet food infant teddy dog food)”

Pet feed additive premix

(usually refer to “food supplements”)

  • “宠物添加剂预混合饲料微量元素(pet feed additive premix trace element)”;

  • “宠物营养补充剂维生素B(pet food supplement vitamin B)”;

  • “补充性宠物食品犬幼年期维生素B (complementary pet food vitamin B for puppies )”

Other Pet food (usually refer to “pet snacks”)

  • “宠物零食肉棒 (pet snack meat sticks)”;

  • “宠物零食幼犬饮料 (pet snack beverage for puppies)”;

  • “宠物零食泰迪犬咬胶 (pet snack dog chews for teddy)”

List of Raw Materials and Additives

I. List of raw materials: the raw materials can be expressed in ingredient names or category names. While using the ingredient names, they shall be exactly consistent with names listed in the “Catalogue of Feed Materials”. While using the category names, the specific names are listed as follows. All ingredients shall be listed in descending order of their weights added in the preparation of the product.


Category name of raw materia ls


Category name of raw materials


Cereals and their products


Dairies and their products


Oil seeds and their products


Meats and their products


Leguminous seeds and their products


Insects and their products


Fruit and vegetable seeds and their products


Eggs and their products


Natural plants and their products


Fish, other aquatic organisms and their products


Forage and their products




Algae and their products


Microbial fermentation products

II. List of additives: the additive names shall be exactly consistent with names listed in the “Catalogue of Feed Additives”. Antioxidants, coloring agents, flavorings and feed attractants can be expressed in their category names.

Guaranteed Values of Product Analytical Composition

The guaranteed value is the nutrition information and quality commitment of the product. The minimum items which shall be included on the label of pet food are specified in the following table.

Pet food category

Minim um items to be included on the label

Pet compound feed

Crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, water content, crude ash, calcium, total phosphorus, water-soluble chloride (count as Cl-), lysine (for dog food), and taurine (for cat food)

Pet feed additive premix

Water content, the major nutritional feed additives added in the product

Other pet food

Water content

Matters Need Attention

Products containing animal derived ingredients (except dairy and dairy products) shall be marked with "This product shall not be fed to ruminants".

Production Date & Expiry Date

I. Production date: it shall include the year, month and day information. The indicating ways can be various, such as: "production date (year/month/day): 2010年3月20日", "production date (month/day/year): 03/20/2010", "production date (day/month/year): 20 03 2010", etc.

II. Expiry date: it can be printed in different ways, such as “shelf life: 6 months”, “shelf life: 2 years”, “expiry date (year/month/day): 2012年3月10日”, “best before March 19, 2012”, etc.

III. Where the date is indicated by making reference to a specific place of the package, this specific place of the package shall be indicated. For example, “production date (day/month/year): see the bottom”.

Net Weight

Net weight and product name shall be labeled on the same display layout of the packaging (container).

Certification of Product Quality Inspection

The certification of product quality inspection shall be attached or printed on the label. When it is printed on the label, it can be designed in different forms such as printing a text box with the words of "pass the inspection".

Other Optional Contents

When meeting the claim requirements of “UC Provision on Pet Food Labeling”, ingredient claims, function claims, and characteristic claims can be made on the label of pet food. But it must be noted that,

1) All claims shall be supported by evidential materials;

2) It is prohibited to claim that the product has the effect of preventing or treating pet diseases.

  • Examples of some common claims which are allowed

Examples of claims

Detailed explanation

Beef recipe

The weight of beef is more than 26% of the total weight of the product

Recipe with beef

The weight of beef is more than 14% of the total weight of the product

Contain beef

The weight of beef is more than 4% of the total weight of the product

Beef flavor

The raw material, compounded flavor or flavor enhancer can give the product a flavor of beef

Natural preservatives

The preservatives used in the product were obtained by non-chemical methods, or only by physical methods, heat treatment, extraction, purification, hydrolysis, enzymolysis, fermentation or smoking treatments

Fresh chicken

The chicken used in the product goes only through refrigeration which does not include cooking, drying, freezing, hydrolysis or other processes, without adding sodium chloride, preservatives or other similar additives

Low fat

  • Dog food

“Water content is <20%, and fat content is ≤9%”, or “water content is between 20-65%, and fat content is ≤7%”, or “water content is >65%, and fat content is ≤4%”

  • Cat food

“Water content is <20%, and fat content is ≤10%”, or “water content is between 20-65%, and fat content is ≤8%”, or “water content is >65%, and fat content is ≤5%”

Prevention of hairball

Prevent non-disease problems



CIRS Services

Compliance Procedure and Service of Imported Pet Food

  • Confirm the pet food category

  • Review if the fee raw material and feed additive used are allowed to use or not, meanwhile, review the use level

  • If anything incorrect, provide the revision suggestions

Label Review of Pet Food in China

  • Confirm the pet food category

  • Review the original label and Chinese label, and provide revision suggestions

  • Design Chinese standard label

MARA Imported Pet Food Registration Service

  • As the agent register pet food with MARA

  • Arrange sample clearance and sample test

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