CIRS EU and UK successfully held their first Global Cosmetics Regulation Conference in London
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Our Global Cosmetics Regulation Conference held on April 25, was a resounding success, with delegates from across the cosmetics industry in attendance.

We had a packed schedule with presentations from our Europe, South Korea, and US teams on cosmetics regulations in China, South Korea, the US, and the EU. The speakers provided an overview of the regulatory frameworks, including recent updates and challenges. The presentations were insightful and gave attendees a better understanding of the different regulations across various regions.

Our guest speakers, Adam Sandzer and Yihu He from Hot Pot China, gave a fantastic presentation on how to supercharge your brand in China with insight-led marketing. They provided examples of brands that have successfully entered the Chinese market and those that have failed. They emphasized the importance of understanding the huge diversity of Chinese consumers and localizing in order to succeed. The attendees found the presentation to be engaging and informative, with many taking notes and asking questions.

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Eulalie Hemburg from Lisam Systems talked about the Management of cosmetics, products conformity and PIF creation in ExESS. Her presentation highlighted the strategic advantages of using the ExESS solution for the generation of a cosmetic PIF. And how the software can make things more convenient for companies.

Helen Duxbury from Circana shared insights into how Prestige Beauty has been affected by recent significant events such as Brexit and the Pandemic, providing data into how these events have impacted consumer confidence. Many delegates commented on how much they appreciated being able to see these real-world figures and were surprised to see which products had been the best performers during Covid lockdowns.

The conference concluded with a lively panel discussion on sustainability and how companies can continue to innovate while considering sustainability. It also touched on the need for establishing an industry-accepted definition for sustainability. As well as a greater understanding needed by both regulators and consumers and the challenge of educating all players.

The panel’s second topic covered supply chain challenges for the EU and the UK cosmetic industries post-Brexit. The panelists provided insights into the challenges faced by the industry and shared best practices for overcoming them. The panel was engaging, and the attendees participated actively, asking questions and sharing their experiences. A big thank you to Alastair Gardner from the Department for International trade. As well as to Yasmine Boulanouar and Dean Winder from our Europe office and Chris Ketchum from our US office.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters, as well as the delegates, for making this such a successful event.

The feedback from the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on how insightful, and beneficial they found both the presentations as well as the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry, in order to share experiences, and discuss the challenges and opportunities they currently face. We look forward to making this an annual event and bringing together professionals from the cosmetics industry to share insights and best practices.

We will be sharing more photos from our event taken by Matt Cotton via our LinkedIn page which you can find here or by clicking the follow button below.

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